Miss Sophie Champagne, Milano (ITALIA)


“After the Colosseum, the leaning Tower of Pisa, the Grand Canal in Venice, the Como Lake and the Duomo of Milan, the UNESCO decided to proclaim another Italian artistic heritage, with her blond hair like “fettuccine”, her red lips like “tomato” and her breathtaking curves like the Alps: the Italian beauty Miss Sophie Champagne!!”

Miss Sophie Champagne is one of the most relevant figure of the italian Burlesque as performer, teacher and producer.

Sparkling like her name, her style is fun, lively, colorful and ironic but also graceful and sexy.

Miss Sophie Champagne has a various repertoire from classic burlesque (feathers fans, a big collection of corsets and amazing costumes designed and tailored for her) to neoburlesque, and fire performing, exploring all the opportunities offered by this genre, but without going out of her character, a seductive and whimsical past-time diva!

From 2009 she represents Italy in many international festival:

Great Burlesque Exposition of Boston 2012 and 2013, Kansas City Burlesque Festival 2013 and 2014, Windy City Burlesque Festival of Chicago 2014, headliner at Montreal Burlesque Festival 2015, Show Me Burlesque Festival of St.Louis 2016.

In 2010 she found the Champagne Academy of Burlesque Education, hosted in some of the most famous dancing school in Italy and Switzerland.

In 2012 saw the light the Champagne Production, agency for vintage shows and events, that has already brought to stage many theatre shows an dinner shows, and in 2014 the first edition of Como Lake Burlesque Festival that has achieved a great success and now is running the 6th edition.

Miss Sophie Champagne can boast collaborations with important artists in the world of photography (the international photographer Marco Girolami whose works are exhibited at the Mazzucchelli Museums, the Italian photographers Cunene and Anna Lucylle) and the American painters Lacey Lewis who paints Miss Sophie in various works.







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