The Como Lake Burlesque Festival is conceived and produced by Champagne Production, entertainment agency directed by the international performer Miss Sophie Champagne.

Champagne Production
Specialists in the organization and execution of events by the unmistakable retro flavor, we make shows tailored to your needs and situation, adapting to the location and tastes of the customer to make a unique event.

A wide range of possible topics and a well prepared group of artists (dancers, musicians and performers) will ensure that your guests remain speechless.

Live theater, dinner shows or simply entertainment, obviously with a vintage touch.


Miss Sophie Champagne

“After the Colosseum, the leaning Tower of Pisa, the Grand Canal in Venice, the Como Lake and the Duomo of Milan, the UNESCO decided to proclaim another Italian artistic heritage, with her blond hair like “fettuccine”, her red lips like “tomato” and her breathtaking curves like the Alps: the Italian beauty Miss Sophie Champagne!!”

Miss Sophie Champagne was born the 16th of October – year unknown. She saw the light in a bucolic small village nested in a valley of the northern Italian Alps.

When she was about 16, she moved to Milan, where – while finishing school – she attended the evening classes of the Principessa Dancing School.

After tasting various kind of dance (started from classical and modern jazz, from musical to argentine tango, she specialize in vintage dance like swing, lindy hop and charleston) and acting, she starts attending the Burlesque School where she finds out the magnificent Burlesque show and acted for a short period as an assistant to her teacher in coreography classes.

After only a year of classes, in June 2010 she started to perform burlesque in different Milan’s clubs, then around whole Italy and since January 2011 also abroad, specifically in London, where she is a regular guest star at the Cellar Door, renowned burlesque venue.

She also teaches privately Burlesque and some seduction tricks to people working on TV or in the show business in general.
She founded the Champagne Academy of Burlesque Education, heads regular burlesque class in some of the most famous dancing school in Italy (Milano, Como, Giussano) and Switzerland (Lugano, Locarno, Chiasso).

To always be up to date she attends workshops lead by the most relevant characters of the international burlesque scene such as Angie Pontani, Jo Weldon, Midnite Martini, Shangai Pearl, April March, Toni Elling, Gypsy Charms, Natsumi Scarlett, Scandal From Bohemia, Lucida Sans, Devora Darling.

In 2011 she has been a guest at the Dee Notte Burlesque (a DeeJay TV program) hosted by Nicola and Gianluca Vitiello, together with Eve La Plume, Attilio Reinhardt and other relevant figures of the Italian burlesque.

In 2013 she was invited at Fashion Talent (La5 TV program) for her unmistakable Pin Up look.

She is chosen by the International photographer Marco Girolami to be portraited, together with other renowned Italian burlesque performers, in the exhibition “Burlesque, l’ironica seduzione d’amore” , opened the 2nd of September 2011 at Musei Mazzucchelli (Brescia).

In 2012 she has represented Italy at one of the most important burlesque festival, the Boston Great Burlesque Exposition and in this occasion she attended the courses hosted by the Boston Academy of Burlesque Education, whose target are burlesquer performers and teachers.

In 2013 her photo is choosen for the central page of Pin Up America Magazine and she participate at some important festival, like the Great Burlesque Expo (for the second time) and the Kansas City Burlesque Festival.

In 2014 she will return at the Kansas City Burlesque Festival for the second time and for the first time and at the Windy City Burlesque Festival of Chicago.

In 2015 she brought the italian burlesque in Canada, she perform as guest star and headliner at Montreal Burlesque Festival.

In 2016 starts 2 new theater project: Scandalo al Moulin Rouge theatrical pièce with burlesque acts in the plot and Burlesque Therapy a variety show with international artists.

Sophie’s burlesque’s style is fun, lively, colourful and ironic but also graceful and sexy without lapsing into vulgarity or coarseness.

Miss Sophie Champagne’s repertoire has different acts, some also sung, from classic burlesque (feathers’ fans, corsets and gloves) to new burlesque, exploring all the opportunities offered by this genre, but without going out of her character, a seductive and whimsical past-time diva!




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